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1.23.2012 - 1:38 AM
*I Didn't get any cake this year*

Semalam ialah Hari Jadi aku.. Yup, aku dilahirkan at 22nd January at 19-something ..
Don't worry, aku still muda maa OHOHOHO *piirah!*
Ramai jugakla yang wish "Happy Birthday" kat aku.. TERHARU aku~ OHOHOH *faceslap*
Terima kasih kpada yang menge-wish =)))))) HEHE
And terima kasih jugak kat Facebook sebab sudi ingatkan orang pasal Birthday aku MUAHAHAHAHAHA *perasan la kau...TUIH!* hehe

Happy Birthday to me. May all your wishes come true, Wana. Upgrade your Ego, Be more Brave, Stay Creative and let's hope for the best . Sincerely, heart =)


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Nama ikut IC: Nursyazwana binti Bahzin.
Age: 17 already.
Birthdate: 22nd of January in 1996 during Maghrib(i guess)
Hometown: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Education: Proudly ex-STADIAN, currently in MRSM Kuala Klawang
Class: 5 Al-Biruni~
Idols: Doctors, Architects, Jung Heechul and many more!
Favorite Colours: Blue, Black, Purple.
Favorite Foods: TAK TERKIRA! :D
Hobbies: Listening K-POP music, blogging, watching TV, sleeping,eating.
Things I Likes: Family, Cats, Foods, Friends, Gadgets
Things I hates: Cockroach, When everyone is not in mood, Height, Depth, Additional Mathematics =.=


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