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8.13.2011 - 9:10 PM
>no komen about this person ..

aku da lama perasan BENDA nih...
ep!!jangan pikir bukian-bukian okey..hehe

anyway,aku perasan yang ramai orang lagi beruntung dpdaaku..
contoh yang paling dekat-my frens
well,semua kwan aku ad untung masing2
tak kira lah aida,minah,syikin and anne
kadang2 benda camni really get me kornahel.....
But aku still boleh get over it..
don't worry,i will be tough and don't worry my frens,aku always okayh! hehe

i won't giving up,i wont !

*having a good day also means having a day without being someone else..


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