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Haunted Changi
8.14.2011 - 5:52 PM
*looks creepy...brrrrrr

okay's your day ? fine?
okay,last night kluarge aku bukak tv...then suddenly ad cter "Haunted Changi" airing kat Star Movie

enough with the italic font..
okay,mula2 aku ingatkan nih cter biase2..maklom la,omputeh mane pandai buat cter hantu..:P
then,aku Google skejap kat internet..
rupa2nya cter nih cter btol(ala2 Paranormal activity laa)
and it happened in Singapore,the haunted island...
this story is baik untuk sesiapa yg nak mati cepat..haha!
but seriously,this movie is awesome but in a bad way!HAHA (well,i'm a chicken =.=)
anyway,hospital ni rupa2nya tempat jepun pancung orang..
and WE CAN SEE THE HEADLESS PERSON PEOPLE!(ala,stakat haba jek)

anyway,1 man died in this movie(kena pancung dgan kawan die sendiri)
takot takot takot takot

k r,smpai situ jek...
tata!(wana dah goyang..sori!)


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