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7.18.2011 - 9:11 PM
ni lah masalah aq..haih~ T_T

yeah,macam yg dinyatakan kat atas,aq ad masalah TIDO!
TIDO itu sedap,best,exciting,terharu(aa wana,ko da lebih...)
anyway,skarang nih i'm trying to sleep before 00.00 a.m.
why?why you cannot do that Wana??
it's because.....
i have a habit ,i think it's not a bad habit actually..(I Think!)haha
i Love To Drink NESCAFE at Night!! huwaaaaaa
that nescafe really makes me Insomnia! so,now,i'm trying to avoid that nesc..huhu

so,i hope,after this ,i can sleep before 00.00 A.m and be active in early in the morn~hehe
i'm Hoping 4 the best!
orite,i want to make nescafe right now...tata
*what an idiotic gurl..who's friend is this??


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