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7.04.2011 - 9:33 PM
ari ni aku nak citer smua impian aku yang TAK mungkin dapat dcapai~
kira,angan2 x sampai la ni...he

ok,now let's begin !

I hOPE ::
  • i am the next Albert Einstein(hangpa gila ka??)
  • plane tickets are CHEAP !
  • exams are easy
  • no pollution happened
  • world is peace without war(wana,ko nak jadi askar x?)
  • i can make my own mushroom soup n cheezy wedges!(fat gurl wanna eat~)
  • iPad free 4 every student! hahahahahaha (and ASTRO too!)
  • all the teachers are funny
  • i can taste Baskin Robbins ice cream cake(it's so expensive ,duhhh)
  • i can go oversea wth my loved one~(mcam ado loved one..pektuih!)
  • leh jmpe j.heechul~ oppa! :DDD
n finally,I Hope I can stay together with my friends n family for a long,long time...:)

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