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6.20.2011 - 8:49 PM
this is Teleng ! :DDDDD heechul,i'm sorry~

allo evelibadi..!
today i want to tell a stoli......

'it's about a man that want a bini,
but his face is not so pletty(pretty),
one day,he went to tenom pangi,
then he saw a girl tgah bwak lidi,
he fall in love suddenly,
then he bought a really nice ling(ring),
he propose that girl in front of his ex-darling(oops!),
situation bcome serious n critical-ling,
after a few while waiting,
the girl say' yes,i accept you darling,
then they married and have child-ing,
their childs name Ling,Kring n Aling...'

Teleng:thats how i met your simple right?
His childs:not romantic at all! hak tuih!

but....what do you think about his wife's name?

aq sbenanyo tongah boring...dahla blan 7 n 8 ad trial...hadoiyai! doakan aq yg terbaek wokeh!
salam n hve a good day,macha2!

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